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Business and Baseball: The Conclusion

Progress always involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first. ~ Frederick B. Wilcox While the above quote is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, I hope by now I’ve shown you how the wonderful game of baseball holds a lot of wisdom and experience that’s applicable to life in general, and to those […]


Tenth Inning – Business and Baseball: The Game Reflects Your Preparation

Free Baseball ~ Ken Singleton* The difference between a good baseball player and a great one is not that the great one doesn’t make mistakes. What makes him great is that he knows how to handle it when he makes one. ~ Unknown When you watch a Major League Baseball game, it can seem like […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #2: Set Up a Successful Referral Lead Generation Process

A recent article in a sales magazine told of the experiences of a veteran successful sales manager. He said that when his team received stacks of business cards and leads after a trade show or sales promotion, often the leads just sat, untouched, on the desks, or worse, ended up in the garbage. Not good! […]


Ninth Inning – Business and Baseball: Slumps Happen

You watch enough baseball games and other sports, and pretty soon you realize that even well paid – sometimes exceptionally well paid – baseball players and athletes have slumps. Even fabled winning teams have slumps. (As I write this, the New York Yankees have just gone through a 2 wins and 5 losses streak – […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Tip #1: Ask!

It’s disappointing how many business people tell me they don’t regularly receive referrals from their existing customers. When you dig a little deeper, however, the reason becomes clear: Most times, they’re not asking for referrals! You might feel that if people are happy with the products and services you deliver, they’ll naturally tell others. While […]


Referral Marketing Communications Plan — Introduction

We’re starting another series – this one on Referral Marketing. Whether you’re a self-employed dog-walker, an online business coach, a direct sales consultant, or a multi-million-dollar purveyor of electronic gadgets (Apple, anyone?) the number-one source of your best new leads is through referrals. Experts say that leads received via referral: Cost less to convert Are […]


Eighth Inning – Business and Baseball: Review the Statistics

Hidden in the announcer’s booth at every baseball game, is someone charged with a very special job: Watching each and every pitch thrown, ball hit, and play made, and recording it all in the official scorebook. Each ball, each strike, each walk, each steal, all duly accounted for in the scorekeeper’s book. Then, after the […]


Seventh Inning – Business and Baseball: It Hurts Worse When You’re Losing

Watch any sporting contest for long enough, and you’re sure to see at least one injury or near-injury. The runner stealing home collides with the catcher blocking the plate; the pitcher gets mowed down by a line drive; an outfielder runs into the wall. It happens – because they play hard and they play to […]


Sixth Inning – Business and Baseball: You Play Better with a Coach Who Knows the Game

Is life too complicated, or is it your approach to life that makes things complicated? ~ Joyce Meyer It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not. ~ Attributed to Hanoch McCarty Coaches matter. In fact, a so-so team can be taken to an unimaginable level based solely on […]


Fifth Inning – Business and Baseball: Ignore the Hecklers

Treat everyone with kindness, even those who are rude to us – not because they are nice, but because we are. ~ Anonymous Life’s too important to be petty. Ignore little hurts & keep moving. ~ Rick Warren Have you ever watched a professional baseball game and seen an athlete just go off on a […]



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